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Dear Almonte member, parent,

Basketball is a fantastic sport, but sometimes also difficult if you look at the rules of the game. During games, there are often discussions between players, referees, and coaches about the rules. More knowledge of the rules of the game brings more understanding for decisions made by the referee and makes the sport more fun, safer, and more positive! For that reason, the Dutch Basketball Association (NBB) has developed the “spelregelbewijs” (rules-of-the-game certificate). By means of a digital environment containing texts, images, and videos you will learn step-by-step the rules of Basketball. Go through all the modules, pass the test and the spelregelbewijs is available for you!

Click the link below for the PDF

Spelregelbewijs NL 1.0
Download PDF • 291KB


From season 2022-2023 the spelregelbewijs is mandatory for every player in the age of 14 – 24 playing in competition!

If you don’t have a spelregelbewijs, you can be excluded from games.

According to the administration of the NBB you (or your son or daughter) have not got the Spelregelbewijs yet.

Almonte wants you to get your Spelregelbewijs at latest August 26th 2022.

The training and test will take approximately 3.5 hours.

I have added an instruction document explaining the e-learning environment of the NBB.

Good luck and a nice vacation!

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