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Thanks, Geert en Monique!!

At the beginning of July we thanked the volunteers for their work throughout the season. We also want to celebrate their commitment so that next season we will continue to work together and have a great time playing basketball.

A few sporting activities were organized prior to the barbecue with the volunteers.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, we met for dinner and a chat, to get to know each other a little better.

We also took the opportunity to present the new Merchandising (soon available on the website).

And above all, it was a day of farewell in which we were grateful for the great work that Geert and Monique have done for the club over the years. We saw that their love for the club is immense and that we will certainly continue to see them around.

Thanks to Rachel, Joaquin, Alfredo, John, Tanishia for organising the event.

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