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Confidential Contact Person


Almonte wants to be a safe and pleasant association, where everyone can enjoy playing basketball and feel at home! This means that within the association we must do everything we can to prevent issues such as harassment and bullying, aggression and violence, discrimination, sexual intimidation, and other forms of undesirable behavior as much as possible. Undesirable behavior occurs everywhere and can unfortunately also occur within our association. What may be a joke to one person or was intended as a joke may be an undesirable form of behavior for another. The best and best would be that people are directly addressed clearly about their behavior, with attention also being paid to how things can and should be done differently.

However, this is not always easy in practice. Feelings of powerlessness, shame, anger, or whatever can be reasons that the victim target does not speak up and therefore continues to walk around with it. It is also possible that others who were there also did not respond, for whatever reason, so that the victim thinks that he/she alone has a problem. In such cases, it is good to be able to go to a person who will not pass on anything because they have a duty of confidentiality. A person who listens and does nothing without first talking to the person who made the report. Discuss together what the best way is to find a solution to the problem.

If you, as a member, parent, volunteer, or guest of our association, are or have had problems with unwanted behavior   then you can of course contact the board, but in difficult situations that require a solution out of everyone's sight, the confidential contact person can be called upon. The personal counselor has the following tasks:

  • Listening to the complaint or problem, alone or with the other VP

  • Check whether mediation is a possibility

  • Determine in consultation with the complainant what steps are to be taken

  • Carry out the mediation or take other steps

  • Referring to assistance/agencies if necessary

  • If necessary, ask the board to take action

The confidential contact persons, Sanja Giesen and Joost Haspels can be reached via their email addresses:

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