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Xu12-1 successful in Apeldoorn

XU12-1 team participated in the U12 Pre-Summer Tournament in Apeldoorn on June 18. A total of 10 teams participated in this tournament, which was organized by the basketball clubs WSV from Apeldoorn and Cracker Jacks from Amersfoort.

The tournament started with a joint warm-up by all teams. After this, the games started on this warm day.

Almonte Xu12 had little to do with the opponents in the first three games. They were easily defeated. The fourth and final game against WSV was the all-deciding game. The winner of this competition would come first. Almonte and WSV were evenly matched. At first the scores were even, but WSV then took a lead. Time for a time-out to put all players on edge. After this, the deficit was quickly turned into a lead for Almonte. The release was great after the final whistle: they had won! The victory party was well celebrated in the canteen.

All in all a fun, sporty and enjoyable basketball day for the players, parents and the coach. This was the perfect end of the season.

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