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Manners and behavior

Almonte is a basketball club with many members.
First all players, both competitive and recreational, in addition trainers, coaches, board members and all others who voluntarily perform tasks.
Of course, with so many people, things have to be arranged.

Almonte has 2 regulations as a basis for this: the statutes and the internal regulations.
The statutes contain the basic rules of the association.
The internal regulations cover the rights and obligations of the members.

But…. as an association we want more.

In this day and age people often read and hear about undesirable behaviour: bullying, aggression and violence, sexual intimidation, discrimination. All these behaviors do not belong within our association. Below is a small explanation.


Everyone probably recognizes this from his or her school days. A joke about the appearance but no idea how this feels to the person this joke is being made about. Also within a team, or   as colleagues, something is sometimes said or done that is experienced as very annoying.

Don't get stuck with this, talk to your team members or colleagues about this. Watch your own behavior and treat everyone the way you would even want to be treated.

Aggression and violence

Aggressive behavior is unfortunately not that hard to recognize.  It has already been preceded by irritations and eventually it gets so high that there are yelling, yelling or even pawing. Of course we do not accept this behavior within the association.  Speak out to prevent this.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual behavior. Examples of this are ; pawing,  and sexual comments. It is important here that the person concerned also determines whether it is sexual intimidation. What is experienced as pleasant for one person, for example an arm around the shoulder, can be very annoying for another.

The same applies here: hold each other accountable for undesirable behaviour. If necessary, engage the board or a confidential adviser.


Within our association we take it for granted that no one is discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, age or sexual preference.

If you notice this, talk to people about it or report it to the board.

What can you contribute to a safe and pleasant sports climate within Almonte?

A beautiful saying is: "What you don't want done to you, don't do it to someone else." So first look at your own behavior. When dealing with others, pay attention to signals whether that other person can appreciate your behaviour/comment. If this is not the case, say something about it and don't get stuck with it. If you can't figure it out yourself, you can always ask someone to help you. If you find it difficult to talk to a team member, trainer, coach or board member, you can contact a confidential contact person.

What does the association do?

All members of Almonte are members of the NBB and are therefore subject to the sexual harassment regulations of the NBB. It states that we are affiliated with the Institute for Sports Judiciary (ISR) for sexual harassment for . All trainers, coaches and board members must be aware of the rules of conduct for supervisors in sport  and sign them.

Moreover, because they are members of the NBB, all members of Almonte are automatically subject to the disciplinary law of the NBB.

Declaration of good conduct (VOG)

From now on, every board member, trainer and coach must be in possession of a declaration of conduct. It must be renewed every 3 years.

To request this VOG, please contact

Almonte also has a confidential contact person.

What is a confidential contact person (VCP)?

The confidential contact person  within the association is the first point of contact for anyone who is dealing with undesirable behavior and wants to talk to someone about it, so not only members but also spectators can go here.

But you can also contact a VCP with  remarks and questions about undesirable behaviour.

The VCP will lend a listening ear and help where possible or show you the way to other authorities. Everything that is discussed with the VCP is of course confidential and actions will always be taken in consultation with the person requesting help.

Within our association we have our own VCP which can be reached via the email address below:

Sanja Giesen -
Joost Haspels -

If you prefer a conversation with a stranger, you can, for example, contact the VCP of the NBB: Climate/unwanted-behaviour/vcp-nbb

Or via the NOC/NSF trust point for sports:

All in all, a lot of information about manners and behavior and what we as an association do with this.

Let's all make sure that we maintain the good atmosphere and the family feeling that prevails at Almonte by treating each other, but also the other associations, spectators and officials in a respectful way.

In this way we remain an association where it is good to come home!

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